What is Bheemashakti Yoga?
Jonathan Patriarca will explain the theory behind the Bheemashakti Yoga System he learned in India from Master H.R. Suresh.
Bheemashakti Yoga talks on Ashtanga Yoga
Jonathan explains some difficulties of some yoga students experience entering Ashtanga Yoga directly.
Building a Backbend Foundation: Intermediate Yoga Exercises
Jonathan Patriarca explains in 10 minutes what he learned from his Master, H.R. Suresh, in years.


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In Bheemashakti, we learn to use repetitive movements combined with Kapalabhati breathing that gradually and safely open the body in each dimension. I have now been practicing Bheemashakti yoga with Jonathan for over one year, and I have seen so much transformation- not of just my physical body, but of understanding the inner workings of my body's connection to my mind.

Najah Abdus-Salaam