What is Bheemashakti Yoga?
Jonathan Patriarca will explain the theory behind the Bheemashakti Yoga System he learned in India from Master H.R. Suresh.
What is Bheemashakti Yoga and Kapalabati Breathing?
Jonathan Patriarca will briefly explain the approach of Bheemashakti Yoga and the importance of Kapalabati breathing.
Bheemashakti Yoga talks on Ashtanga Yoga
Jonathan explains some difficulties of some yoga students experience entering Ashtanga Yoga directly.
Bheemashakti Yoga and Kriya
Jonathan continues to explain the differences of Bheemashakti Yoga and the "asana" practices popular in the west.
Bheemashakti Yoga Student Demonstration
Using the yoga system taught by Master H.R. Suresh and Jonathan Patriarca, Daniel developed his Hanstand Dimension.
Yoga Backbend Drop Back: A Student Before and After
This shows the progression of the student from the first to the second month of practice at the Bheemashakti Yoga School.
Building a Backbend Foundation: Beginner Yoga Exercises Part 1
Building a backbend foundation. Includes the warmup, backbend with a prop, and the opposing exercise of the forward bend.
Building a Backbend Foundation: Intermediate Yoga Exercises
Yoga instructor, Jonathan Patriarca, explains in 10 minutes what he learned from his Master, H.R. Suresh, in years.
Back Bend Drop Back Yoga Demonstration
This describes the yoga technique of the advanced backbend ability to "drop back" and then come back up.